Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup Hailsham offers a number of different permanent eyebrow treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements

Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

Eyebrows Frame Your Face

Your eyebrows frame your eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. Perfectly groomed eyebrows will transform how you look by opening your eyes and lifting your entire face.

Years of overplucking can make it impossible to grow your natural brow hairs back and this can be a big issue if you long for thicker, defined brows.

This is why I love this treatment so much. I can give you a much more symmetrical set of brows, whether it’s a complete shape change, a subtle brow lift or adding missing tails, the results instantly enchance your natural facial features.

Imagine waking up every morning with perfectly groomed eyebrows that you didn’t have to spend 15 minutes drawing on. Whether it’s a soft powder brow or natural hair strokes, I can create the perfect eyebrows for you.

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All treatments include: A free consultation, Full aftercare treatment, & A top-up appointment after 6 weeks.

Different Types of Brow Procedures

Powdered Effect Brows

Permanent Eyebrows – Powdered Effect:

This treatment is ideal for anyone that tends to wear pencil or powder behind their own brows. A powder brow can give a more defined and fuller look and the powder can be lightly or heavily shaded as per your personal preference. Gorgeous made up brows that don’t smudge or wash off.

Natural hair strokes

Permanent Eyebrows – Natural hair strokes:

Using a microblade, each hair is hand drawn into the dermal layer of the skin. This gives realistic hair like strokes which can mimic the flow of your natural brow. If you have no eyebrows (or very sparse) then I can create an illusion of natural hair by creating a brow shape following the natural brow hairline. Theses brow are ideal for anyone wanting a very natural effect.

Combination Brows

Permanent Eyebrows – Natural hair strokes and powdered effect together:

This treatment offers both the powdered and natural hair strokes effects combined together to achieve a beautifully defined yet natural brow. The front of the brow is feathered with hair strokes while the middle and tail are filled in with powder to achieve the perfect definition.

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Permanent Makeup Hailsham

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